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Spalted Birdseye Maple Guitar Stand


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Beautiful Spalted Birdseye Maple guitar stand. Suitable for Steel-string acoustic and electric guitars.
These Spalted Maple stands have a little something extra! The spalting tends to darken the Maple a bit overall and provides some black lines or dark areas spread out in random patterns over the stand. Certainly the most beautiful stands we currently have in stock! Finding nice birdseye and spalting together is rare! Only 3 available. Due to the nature of spalted figure the patterns on these stands are very random and different. Pictures only represent a sample of what you will recieve. 



Solid Hardwood construction

  • Cork lined holder to protect your guitar
  • Angled neck cradle to hold guitar securely
  • 3 points of contact with floor for stability


Hanger width: Will accommodate neck widths up to 1 ⅞" at the nut

Overall Height: 42"

Height floor to hanger: 40"

Length of base: 18"

Width of base: 17"

Included with purchase: Stand (3 pcs), bolts and hex key for assembly. 

Note: Because of natural variations in wood every stand/wall hanger is unique and will not be exactly as pictured. Some natural colour and grain pattern variation is present in all wood species we use.